Fear Not

Satan sure has done a good job of distracting me and keeping me away from the computer the last two weeks. I've had something on my heart I wanted to share, but couldn't seem to find the time to post it. But alas, here I am!

I did something on Sunday, January 18th that I have not done in a LONG time - sang in church. I'm not talking about singing along with the hymns, I'm talking about singing the special music. I used to sing a good bit, by myself and with my husband. But over the past few years, I started comparing myself to others who studied music in school. And at times, I was critiqued so much, that I quit believing in myself. I don' sing like an angel, (or Sandy Patty), but I can carry a tune. I can honestly say that every song I have ever sung, I chose it because of the message of the song. Something about each song spoke to me, so it was my hope that by sharing it, someone else would be touched.

The way it all came about for me to sing was that I was asked to help organize a service for Sanctity of Human Life. My mother had been trying to get us to sing (she is the music director), so I finally gave in. I prayed about it and asked God to help me get through it. He did. My husband sounded great, as usual, and I did ok. It wasn't perfect, or even as good as I know I could've done, but it seemed to touch some others in the congregation. I was so glad that I had finally gotten back up there. I was not even terrified like I thought I'd be.

But what was so unique was the timing of it all. I was feeling so grateful the following Monday for the Lord helping me. That's when I read my favorite blog - Living Proof Ministries (Beth Moore). That particular day, Beth's daughter, Melissa had made a post about fear. Here's part of what she said, and I quote: "Our fears of not getting it all right should never keep us from serving faithfully". She also said something to the effect of, "The Lord uses the truth we teach or sing about no matter how bad the delivery". How about that for encouragement!

And guess what my devotionals were all about three days that week? That's right - FEAR. My favorite of the three scriptures was Isaiah 41:13 - "For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you". I'm so thankful for these reminders, but I'm so grateful I stepped out in faith and trusted God to help me do something I was afraid to do. I feel when we do that, and "believe without seeing" we receive a double blessing.

Thank you, Jesus for never leaving my side!

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Dr M said...

Thank You for your wonderful words...keep singing!!!
Psalms 56:3
Dr M