God's Provision

So much has happened in my life and that of my family in the last few weeks. The most emotional event was the day my baby sister and her family moved to North Carolina for my brother-in-law to attend seminary. They plan to be there at least three years. For those of you who do not know me personally, you need to know that I have three sisters (no brothers). My family is extremely close and have never before been separated by that many miles for any length of time. We've grown even closer in the last year and a half since the death of my father.

This decision to move had been in the making for several years, but we kept putting it in the back of our minds, knowing it wasn't yet time. Well, the day finally did come. As bad as this sounds, it was almost a relief to get the "teary goodbyes" over with! You know how it is, you replay the scene over and over in your mind of how you imagine it to be. It was hard, probably the hardest thing to do since saying goodbye to my father hours before he passed away. But we got through it.

God is good. He has given all of us a peace in the saddest moments. I think my family has learned so much this past year and a half about trusting God for DAILY needs - whatever the need may be, physical, emotional, financial. He tells us in Matthew 6: 25-34 to not worry about what we will eat or wear - or about tomorrow's troubles. Today has enough trouble of its own.

When you step out in faith to the unknown, like Shaana and Chuck have done, it's really scairy. It's been scairy for us as a family to see them leave "perfectly good jobs, a good church family, and of course, a perfectly good family" (as was quoted)to go to the unknown. ("Fah, fah away", as 2 year old Natalie says). But we also knew as well as they did, that if they were in the Lord's will, he would provide.

And He is providing for them in ways we could not imagine! It's so awesome to see Him at work - doing things that could only be done through His power. I'll have to fill you in on details later, there's too many to include in this post.

I just wanted to remind everyone, as well as myself,that God does have a plan - a good plan. If we will just listen to His voice and be faithful to follow, he will see us through. It's not always easy to take a small step of faith, and it's certainly not easy to jump out of the boat into the waves, but He will be there to catch us if we fall. He'll strengthen us as we walk, swim, or climb through our journey with him. God bless you all as you strive to follow His leading.

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Chuck Hollingsworth said...

I am rereading this post today after making one of my own. I remember reading it several months ago and thinking that you all had no idea of what was going on or what God was doing. HE showed me today that neither did I. I don't know that a couple of months from now that I will then either.
God is so much greater than we give him credit for. God is providing but now how I anticipated. He is not giving us our daily needs as we had defined a couple of months ago. He is allowing us to see that we have misperceptions about needs. He is showing us the things that we need to get rid of that are not needs. I never thought that fully relying on God would mean giving up things beyond what we had already given. I mean, I don't feel like it is costing us anything to be here. It is very rewarding, just different than I had anticipated. Be blessed.