Godly Reminders

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you awoke with something on your mind? Then as the morning progressed, there were other things that you saw or heard that mentioned the same thing. Well, I've had one of those mornings.

When my eyes opened this morning, I instantly thought of our church service yesterday. A young man came down front to accept Jesus as his personal savior. He had professed Christ as a young child, but because of straying in his faith, he wanted to make sure he was "saved" and follow with baptism soon. My Bible study group had been praying for this particular young man for some time. Throughout the day, I thought about how brave he was to boldly proclaim this in front of so many of his peers in the church. It reminded me of the time I redediated my life to the Lord after being "back-slidden" for so many years.

As awesome as this moment in a person's life is, it also reminds me of how difficult it can be for us as we strive to live intentionally for Christ on a daily basis. Satan despises to see ANYONE profess Christ and although he can't have our souls if we belong to the Lord, he wants to make us as miserable as possible.

One way he worked against me was to constantly remind me of my past. I know he will attempt this with this particular young man as well. We have to be intentional each day to seek the Lord for his guidance.

On the way to work, I thought of a song I learned several years ago by the Crabb Family. I think the name of it is "He Could Not Remember". I sang the words to this song and thought about possibly singing it at church soon. I know if it encourages me that it will encourage others. It basically says that once we ask for forgiveness of sins, not only does God forgive us, he FORGETS about it. So why do we drag up our past mistakes so often? And why do others feel the need to remind us of our past failures?

When I sat down at my desk, I looked at my devotional calendar and guess what it said? "God does more than forgive our mistakes; he removes them!" Romans 11:27 says, "This is my committment to my people; removal of sins". Don't you just love the way God blesses us with reminders? Be sure to share your reminders with others. You never know who may be needing those words of encouragement!

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