Bible Study Food - for soul and tummy!

Well, I didn't get a response from anyone about the summer Bible study (No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter), but I'm gonna do it anyway. You gals just don't know the recipes you will miss! Again, the study is designed to meet every 2 weeks for five weeks. You take turns meeting at a different person's house and prepare a different dish for each meeting. (The recipes are being provided by Beth Moore's daughter). You discuss the previous two weeks of lessons over dinner. Beth will pose questions the morning of each study date for the groups to discuss that evening. How smart is that! I may not prepare all of the food each time since I'm doing the study by myself, but then again, I could make it anyway for my family.

I'll let you know how it goes. I agree with Beth...... God must be up to something through all of this. It's something new and different for a summer study!

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