Charleston, SC: a beautiful place to vacation


Well, now that we are officially into the fall season, I better go ahead and share this post about our trip to Charleston, SC this summer.  This was our first time visiting this historic city.  Because it was just the first leg of our summer vacation, we were only in town for a couple of nights and there's lots we didn't have time to see. But here's a look at what we did and where we stayed.


Eclectic Fall Decor: Boho, Farmhouse, Cottage Style

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!  I love everything that it represents: pumpkins, hay rides, football, festivals, and good food!  And while I also love all the beautiful traditional colors of fall, this year, I decided to go with a more neutral tone in my home decor.


AT Section Hike: Woody - Hog Pen Gap


I'm finally getting around to posting our last section hike on the AT.  This trip was a little different because it was just the Mister and me.  But I have to say, we enjoyed it so much!


Sleepin' Pretty on Downlite


You don't really appreciate a good night's sleep until you don't get one.  As a chronic migraine sufferer, I quickly learned the importance of proper neck alignment during sleep.  That's why I was excited to give this Sealy Posturepedic pillow from Downlite a try.


Budget Friendly Makeovers for the Home

It seems I always have a project in the works.  Usually just little projects, but I need to do a better job of keeping you guys updated on what they are. So, let's play a little catch-up on a few simple projects I completed this summer, shall we?


A fun announcement!

Y'all, it's official.  I'm finally announcing that I will be offering design/personal shopping services for local-ish clients.  I hope to one day get into e-design as well, but I've got to take baby steps.

I'm a huge fan of shopping your home and using what you have on hand to re-style your home when you get the urge to swap things up....which I do frequently.  I also go thrifting for vintage and antique items almost weekly, so why not turn this into a part-time job?

I'm also excited to let you know that we will be opening our Etsy store soon!  I actually created our store to save the name back in 2012, but we're now getting items ready to be listed....and the Mister is a big part of all of this!  I'm so excited to use our creativity and love of vintage items to bless others with beautiful and unique products for their home.

So stay tuned for more information!


Summer Lovin'

Like many, I see summer as a time to slow down and relax.  A time to savor some of the simple things in life without the distractions of a busy schedule.

I would love to take the entire summer off work and do only what I wanted to do, but of course, that's simply not possible.  I have to keep a job...and of course, there are other things in life that will always require attention.  But that's no excuse to let the summer fly by without feeling like I've enjoyed it to the fullest.