To the Christian Millennial (In Light of the Presidential Election)

I love your enthusiasm for living life in unconventional ways.  I love that you’re so tech savvy and creative.  I love that you speak your mind and take a stand for what you believe.  I love so many things about you.  But more than anything, I think I love your compassion the most.  You have compassion on those who are not only different from you, but those who are looked down on by people who fear them because they are different.  You have learned to love well.

You take the time to look for answers and you give ear to many.  But I have one request of you: also give ear to the older generation of Christians you disagree with. 

This political season has been a bitter one and we are all weary from the daily bombardment of news and opinions all around.  A choice has been made in this country and it was reached fairly.  Donald Trump is our President-Elect. 

It’s obvious not only working class Americans put him in office, but Evangelicals also played a huge part.  And I am one of those Evangelicals. 

Like many, I was excited about the outcome of this Presidential election.  I knew it wouldn’t go over well with the other side.  I knew they would do exactly what they accused us of doing if the results went the other way.  I knew there would be those who would protest and riot.

Having said all of that, I look at your conversations on social media and see that you seem to be more engaged in sympathies for the progressive agenda that lost in this election than for the thankfulness of the results by your fellow believers.  You fault the older generations of Christians for “choosing the lesser of two evils”.  And while that is one way to look at it, I ask you to also look at the political party platforms and see which lines up closer to scripture.  Don’t pay attention so much to the candidates and their personalities and what they always said or did…..for they are both severely flawed just as you and I. Also look at the policies introduced and consider how they impact our freedoms in this country as Christians. We have rights just like everyone else and our freedoms are under attack. 

It would take hours to go over specifics on the issues from this campaign.  But it only takes a moment to remind you of what you already know: God is in control. Apparently, Donald Trump is the person He wanted to serve as the next President of the United States. Look for the good in Him. Give him your ear and give him a chance.

Give ear to the older generations of believers who have watched the progressive movement in this country first take God out of the public schools and then go to great lengths to silence Christians and force social justice instead of justice for one and for all.

God’s Word instructs us to seek Godly wisdom. Allow Him to speak to you through prayer, scripture, and believers who have been walking in relationship with Him for longer than you have been alive.

Most importantly, pray for our nation, pray for all of those in political office, and pray for the Church, the Bride of Christ. I would argue that we have the most important role to play in this nation as we seek to advance the gospel and reach a lost and dying world with the love of Christ, beginning here in the United States.  
May God Bless America.


My Fall Home Tour

As much as I love Christmas, I'm in no rush to bring the tree and boxes down from the attic.  I love the Thanksgiving season and I like to take this time to stop and reflect on all of God's many blessings on me and my family.  As a country, I'm feeling especially thankful this year as well.

A couple of years ago, Scott and I started hosting our families for Thanksgiving lunch.  Those who can't make it for lunch, come later in the day and we enjoy leftovers for supper, followed by a fire and lots of marshmallow roasting outside.

In a time when the formal dining room seems to be losing its place, I love having that special space in my home to decorate for holidays and special occasions. 

The dining room and breakfast area are open to each other in my home and provide a great space to feed a large group.  I also set up a table in the living room with extra seating to accommodate even larger groups.  Each table is decorated for the season, but the dining room is usually a little more festive with the formal red walls.

When you walk through the front door into the small foyer, you'll always find this piece decorated for the season or holiday.

Our stone fireplace and log mantel in the living room is my favorite feature in our home. Needless to say, I enjoy using this space to decorate for the holidays as well.

I've got a cute little pie safe in my kitchen that I repainted over the summer.  I'm loving how everything stands out now against the lighter background!  This space is also transformed for every holiday or season. 

A simple centerpiece for the kitchen table....

When we repainted the kitchen this summer, Scott also added these decorative shelves for me on the wall at the end of the bar.  I'm loving them so much!  I haven't swapped out most of what was on there yet....just added a couple of small pumpkins for the fall season.

To me, it's the little things that make a house a home.  Whether you're decorating for a holiday or just keeping seasonal decor out, take the time to think about those small pieces that make your house feel homey.  Even a little straw squirrel and a pumpkin added to a fruit tray makes a great vignette.  

I"ll be busy this week finishing up my work for the month.  Early the following week will be all about cleaning house, cooking, and preparing for a great Thanksgiving Day visiting with my family and making memories.  So I'll go ahead and take this time to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We truly do have so much to be thankful for!


A Political Party 🐘

I love a good party and I look for reasons to celebrate the little things in life. So why not celebrate an election night?

I've had an interest in politics since I was a young girl.  I can remember helping my family campaign for my grandfather who served as a county commissioner several terms.  I also campaigned for my county's State Representative several times and even served as a Page at the State Capital for him one year.

So for every presidential election since the year 2000 I've had my own little political party to watch the results come in.  And every part needs good food, right?!

On the menu this year: Right/Left Wings (Traditional & Hot Honey Mustard from Zaxby's)
                                         Poll Fries (french fries)
                                         Elephant Ears or Donkey Tails for dessert (recipe from Pinterest)
                                         Mixed Berry (red) Punch with frozen raspberries

Elephant Ears with a couple of Donkey Tails 

I even made Red Velvet cupcakes for another sweet treat


I decorated the bar in the kitchen with lots of red, white, and blue and an elephant or two.


It was a mind-blowing, historic night watching the results come in!  Regardless of what party you are affiliated with or what candidate you voted for, it was like nothing we've ever seen.  I'm relieved that it's all over now because it's been a stressful couple of years getting to November 8th.  I'll be praying for President-Elect Trump (that has a nice ring to it!) and VP-Elect Pence.  I'm thankful to be blessed to live in this great country and I will be praying for our country to begin a much needed healing process.

By the way, if you're interested in the Pinterest recipe I used for the cute elephant ears, you can find it here.


Hollingsworth and Co.

Our high school football season has officially come to an end for the year, so come Friday night, I won't know what to do with myself.  The good thing is that we still have college and pro ball to watch for a little longer.  You can't get too much football, right?

My nephew, Noah played QB for the JV team and played on the Varsity team as well.  He's only a freshman, but full of talent and promise.  We enjoyed so much watching him play this year!

These pictures are from my favorite JV game of the season where the team came from behind to get the win over the Red Devils.  Hollingsworth and Co. got it done!

When you play Class A ball, that means small schools....therefore, some players have to play both ways.  Noah was one of those players.  Here's a few shots of him on defense stopping a TD....

The bigger they are.........

the harder they fall!

Unfortunately, Noah had to end his season a couple of games early due to appendicitis.  It required surgery, so the last couple of games he had to stand on the side lines with his team mates.

Thankfully, surgery went well and he's doing great.  I know he missed being out there and is already looking forward to next season....and we are too!  Proud to be a Wilcox County Patriot!


Forget the glass slippers....this princess wears cleats!

My family and I had a great time traveling to Columbus, Georgia during the weekend of October 27-29 to see my nieces play in the state playoffs for Class A Fast Pitch Softball.

Autumn pitching
Autumn is one of the seniors and we have enjoyed so much watching her play over the years.  We would not have missed these games for anything!

Autumn at bat

Autumn's sister, Anna is also on the team. Anna is a Sophomore, so we'll have a couple more years of cheering her on during her high school career. 

Autumn in left field


Anna sliding into home

Our Lady Patriots went from the Elite 8 at the beginning of the tournament to the Final Four and finished in 3rd Place.  We are so proud of them and their team mates!


Autumn will have the great pleasure of continuing her softball career at the next level. She will be signing with Georgia Southwestern State University in a commitment ceremony next week.

Anna (on left) Autumn (on right)

This group of senior girls has carried their team to State the last three years!  Our Seniors will be greatly missed, but they are leaving things in good hands with the underclassmen.

 LONG live Lady Patriot Softball!  So ready for next year!



When your family has super powers

Last Sunday was a fun day for my family!  A few months ago, I noticed that there was going to be a Halloween Half Marathon and 5K in Atlanta.  So I did what any 46 year old woman looking for adventure would do....I signed us up!

To be a team, you had to have four people registered, so we asked my baby sister to tag along. It was a busy weekend for us.  We were in Columbus, Ga to see my niece play in the state playoffs for fast pitch high school softball.  We left from there on Saturday afternoon, and headed to Atlanta just in time for dinner with Dillan and called it an early night to get our rest.

We had to be at Piedmont Park by the start of the race at 7:15, so we were early risers getting up at 5:00 am.  It takes time to transform into super heroes, ya know?!

I was told a long time ago that I resembled Linda Carter, ( I blogged about it here) so of course, I had to be Wonder Woman. Not to mention, she was my favorite super hero as a child.  My sister, Shaana went as Bat Girl.

Since the presidential race is on all of our minds, I decided to show a little Patriotism and add a little red, white, and blue to my costume. Y'all go VOTE!

I had to talk Scott into doing this 5K ....maybe because he had never done one.  But one thing he had no doubts about was what costume he wanted.  Needless to say, he cracked us up in his Spider Man digs!

Not your normal family (Spider Man, Wonder Woman, & The Green Lantern).

We were almost late getting to the starting point because we had trouble locating the parking garage.  Then we got lost in Piedmont Park.  Even though we wound up at the back of the starting line, we finished pretty well. I think there were around 500 individuals in the race. We finished before well over 100 other people.....and that's walking most of it.  Scott's not into running and me and Shaana can't run for long periods of time.

Dillan, on the other hand, received an award for finishing 2nd in his division. Had he not stayed behind with us most of the time, he would have finished first.  But he says we're more fun to hang with than taking a race like this seriously.

Because of where we live, we don't get trick-or-treaters.  Well, we get one....and he's very special to us, so I made him a special treat bucket this year.

Logan is my cousin's son and they live next door to us. Isn't he the cutest little convict you've ever seen?

And his buddy, Chip made the cutest little trusty Sheriff as well.

Well, now that we've got Halloween out of the way, there will be nothin' but Thanksgiving prep going on around here. For the last couple of years, I've been hosting Thanksgiving lunch for my mom. We also hang out all afternoon, and invite everyone to come back for leftovers for supper and a toasty fire in the pit outside where we roast marshmallows.

Hope you all are enjoying this fall season too.  It's going to be a beautiful fall weekend!