Another Year....Another Hike


I'm not sure how many people like to celebrate their birthday hiking, but for several years now, we've done just that for Dillan.  He is actually the reason Scott and I fell in love with hiking.  We're always looking for a new day hike adventure, and this one was no different.

But of course, we had to celebrate with a family dinner....and Dillan's guilt free birthday "cake" See recipe for 3 ingredient No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Squares the night before.  Side note: I forgot I didn't have candles, so the Mister improvised and lit toothpicks lol!  It actually worked!


The next morning, we headed 2 1/2 hours north to hike Arabia Mountain.  Dillan had been there before for a modeling gig.  

He looked a little different this time lol!  It was a really easy hike and definitely one to try if you're looking for a place for a few hours in the sun.  Not many people were there hiking either, so it was nice and quiet.....well, except for some crazy lady wearing a purple dress, gold sequin sash, carrying an umbrella, and trying to sing or perform her own version of commercials.

Here's some photos of the hike in case you live nearby and are interested in going:

The base of the mountain where the trail starts

It reminded me alot of Stone Mountain

Kissin' on my man :)

After the hike, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to REI to purchase Dillan's new backpack.  Scott and I bought our Ospreys last year and fell in love with them!  We knew Dillan needed one too for our next AT section hike.  They are anti-gravity, so they carry the weight of your pack much better and alleviate all that shoulder pain. If you're into backpacking, I highly recommend them!

We actually ended up ordering Dillan the color he wanted (bright green) instead of this one. 

In addition to hiking and a family dinner, we found time to pull out the old VCR tape of the video done the day he was born.  Such special memories.  I can't believe my baby is 23 years old!

Hello world!

Weird feeling watching yourself the day you entered the world

Looking at his mommy.  I'll never forget that moment or that day for the rest of my life

May you continue to enjoy life and love the Lord, Dillan.  May God bless you with health and happiness as you continue to seek His will for your life.  I love you!!!!!


Thrifting from Peaches to the Beaches

If you've never done Peaches to the Beaches along Hwy 341 here in Georgia, you DO NOT know what you are missing!  It's awesome and so much fun!

You don't have to do the entire 2 day long yard sale to find some great treasures!  Scott and I look forward to it every year and it never disappoints.    

We did some Insta stories and Facebook Live videos while we were out, but I also snapped a few photos to share with you here in blog land.

Lots of glass jars to choose from in many places

Dillan found some great albums to choose from

Boho style is getting really popular now and so are baskets as wall decor. These were really pretty!

Loved this dough bowl.....but not the prices :(

Jugs for those who collect.....

Architectural elements

Loved these old scales!

Looks like something Joanna Gaines would love!

This state of Georgia made of pallets would be awesome in a store front!

I love old metal cabinets like this one.....

Some great egg cups for collectors....

These chicken nesting boxes make a great organizer

Lockers like this would be perfect for a mud room

I love to go thrifting, but I actually prefer to go without any particular thing in mind to purchase. It seems like when I'm searching for a particular item/s, I spend alot less. I guess it's because I bypass things I like in hopes of finding that one particular thing I'm looking for.

But nevertheless, I never come home empty handed.
Scott was not able to go the first day, but Dillan accompanied me.  
We had a good time, but missed Scott not being there.  

I'm already looking forward to next year.  Y'all put it on your calendar and give it a try if you've never been.  It's always the second Friday and Saturday of every March.


Radiant Women's Conference

Every year the ladies of First Baptist Church in my home town host a ladies conference and luncheon.  One of the things they do to make it extra special is to go all out decorating the social hall where lunch is served.

Choosing any theme they want, they decorate a table and invite others to come to the conference and sit with with them during lunch. They also serve the ladies at their table during this time.

I wanted to show you all of the beautiful tables....I think I have pictures of them all.  Not sure I could pick just one favorite!

My sister's table....so elegant!

My mom's pretty spring table!

My aunt's table...so pretty!

Aren't they incredible?!  So much talent down here by our ladies in the south!  I hope it will inspire you to take the time to set a pretty spring table or to celebrate a particular holiday or special occasion with those you love.