Master Makeover on a Budget

What took me so long to finally transform our master bedroom into a cozy cottage retreat for the Mister and me?  I don't know.  I guess I have a tendency to work on the spaces that people see the most. But this room update was long overdue and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.


Celebrating the season

Well, Easter is over, but spring is still in full bloom around here. 
Here's a few photos to capture my home during the Easter/Spring season.


Benefits of using Jojoba Oil

This is a collaboration with Maple Holistics

You would have to be living under a rock these days to have not heard about the benefits of using essential oils.  Nature provides so much of what we need for survival, so the fact that plants hold ingredients that can heal and enhance our daily living should be no surprise.  Yet, so many people are skeptical of the "power of plants". I am not one of those people, however. 


3 Benefits of using Removable Wallpaper

Are you not loving the look of a room or area of your home and want to change things up with your decor?  Then look no further because I found a quick and affordable way to solve your problem.....peel and stick wallpaper from Milton & King


Adding farmhouse charm with peel and stick wallboards

I love home decor and design and have an appreciation for many types of decorating styles.  But at the beginning of 2018, I made the decision to figure out what home decor style really represents me and the things I love the most. It didn't take me long to acknowledge that homes that speak to my heart are full of cottage and farmhouse charm.  So, I set out to work on any unfinished rooms and to really define this style in our home. The room that needed the biggest transformation was our dining room.


Winter Decor

Well, my winter decor has been put away for now, but I realized I never blogged about how I transitioned from Christmas to winter decor in my home.  So here's a little glimpse of how I use flocked trees, candles, and metallics to keep a little glitz after the magic of Christmas.


Easy and affordable Valentine's Decor

I love Valentine's Day!  It's such a fun day to take the time to show some extra love to those special people in our life. If you decide to plan a romantic meal with your honey at home, or a family dinner to include the kids, decorating doesn't have to be complicated or cost alot of money. I always shop my house first, then pick up some fun, inexpensive items later if needed.