Using Stencils for Farmhouse Decor

Recently, I was contacted by Stencil Revolution  about doing a collaboration with them using their products. It's been a while since I did a good stenciling project, so I was eager to use their products to add a little more farmhouse charm to my home.


Gone Junkin': Our annual Peaches to Beaches trip

We had another great year shopping our favorite section of the 200 mile annual yard sale known as Peaches to the Beaches along Hwy 341 here in Georgia.


Pamper Your Pet with PawWowPro Products

Recently, I shared a photo of Lucy on Instagram with my followers and it was noticed by the great folks at PAWWOWPRO Pet Supplies. They offered us a discount if we were interested in trying their products and also offered to shine a little spot light on our sweet girl as well 😊 


In my salvage dreams

I was so happy to receive a personal invitation to the "soft" opening of a salvage store in the Middle Georgia area.  7th Street Salvage is a 10,000 square foot facility in Macon, Georgia offering architectural salvage, antiques, and vintage finds for your home.  


Another #AT section hike under our belts

We had another great section hike this month and are getting closer and closer to the Georgia/North Carolina state line!  I think we have about another 30 miles or so to go.  We would have already achieved this if we lived closer to north Georgia to do more day hikes. As is, we're four hours away and also have a hard time finding time to get away.  Slowly, but surely, we will get it done!


Preparing for the Journey

It's finally here!  Our annual hiking trip to those beautiful North Georgia mountains!  
There's no place I'd rather be than surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Trail.  We look forward to completing another section of the trail each year, with the goal to complete all of Georgia and North Carolina.  We plan and train each year for these trips in order to be prepared for each new adventure, for you never know what you'll find along your journey. 


DIY Kitchen Backsplash

It's always been easy for me to decorate my home with the things I love, but when it comes to choosing more permanent or expensive decorative elements like lighting or a kitchen backsplash, that's a different story!  Some of those decisions can take me a while!  In my defense, part of the problem in my kitchen is that my maple cabinets were not stained with the color I chose.  It's close, but NOT the correct stain.  I should have gone to the cabinet shop to check on them, but really didn't think it would be a problem.  So.... the cabinets were already installed when I arrived at the house that particular day, so what does one do?  I just decided to go with it, thinking I  might be brave and change it one day.  

Herein likes the problem.... I didn't want a stain too dark or too light and I also didn't want orange/red tones at all.  So, to keep this particular stain from being too warm, I had to be careful with what I chose to use for a backsplash if I was going to cover the whole area under the cabinets.  After much debate and research, I chose what I feel is the perfect white to lighten up the space.  It's not stark white, nor is it too creamy. Also, I wanted texture on the wall to add character to my cottage/farmhouse style kitchen.